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Friday, 21 March 2008

Finding Nirvana-land

The last few days in build up to Easter have been the most relaxing, and 'gaylord being' days in a while... I love it!

My girlfriend and I have purchased a delightful '3 times' membership at Nirvana Spa , which includes a 'floatation' evening. "what on earth is that?!" I hear you cry. "Sounds like, well gay!" I hear more people cry, well let me explain all...

We arrived at the beautiful Nirvana Spa, with paintings of underwater creatures and star constellations surrounding us. So, we adorned our robes and flip-flops (thats right, we got given robes, had to bring my own flip-flops that I bought at the local flip-flop shop). (OK, I admit, the pic of the flip-flop shop is in the Isle of Wight found at the festival last year, but worth a showing I do believe!)

So, there is the hydrotherapy pool (with tons of jets spraying any part of you for a water-massage-thing. OoOoO...beautiful. Also, there is a 'normal' pool where we sat on loungers, pretending to be posh reading health magazines and drinking our FREE bevs. Then, there was the monsoon aromotherapy steam room, which is quite frankly sexy and well nice for a chill out, until you can't cope with the smell of vicks, or your skin shrivels up like a prune. That place is quite frankly spanky gorgeous!

And last but far from least is the magnificent 'floatation treatment'. In simpleton terms, they have filled a swimming pool with loads of salt (standard dinner table salt as far as I know), and so that means you can float in it! So after a quick induction ("don't drown"..."don't poo in the water"..."If you're going to spew, spew into this"...."If you guff in the pool we'll all see it on the CCTV"), we headed into the main pool for a 40 minute sesh. There were twinkly lights on the ceiling, pictures of half-human, half-horses on the wall, and moby played sweetly in the background. All in all a beautiful moment, however this was slightly ruined by occasionally bumping into somebody else as you floated around, and never being quite sure WHAT PART of that person you just touched. A worrying thought I'm sure you'll agree.

So, get your bums down there, be a bit of a gaylord for the evening, but you'll look truly middle class and fit in greatly. The floatation treatment does look a tad like that scene from Minority Report, but it's worth it! Ooh and there was free food (all you can eat!)...back of the net.


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