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Friday, 11 April 2008


Firstly, I've had some interesting comments on last week's video with the puppets. Some people have found it hilarious (phew, thank goodness), some don't quite get it, and I've even had a creepy stocking-fetish guy message me asking me to make more with stockings and pantyhose instead of socks (I'm not even joking!). I watched one of his videos and felt physically sick so have a gander, completely eerie and freaky, but slightly amusing, worth a watch!

If you want to have a look at "freaky-man-stocking-video", Click here:

Moving swiftly on! Numerous times I have been told this week that I should enter the 'Sofa Factor' competition on GMTV. Now, this is a competition where you can be a GMTV presenter! OoOoO! My thinking is that this is rock 'n' roll, this is cool, this is likely to be well paid, therefore I thought, 'Why Not!!!'. So this morning I find myself filming myself on my own in my living room. I find it slightly worrying that now, two weeks in a row, I've wasted some time making stupid videos... I feel like I'm destined to do it, so I'm not going to stop until I truly run out of friends or money (whatever happens first...probably friends).

It had to be a 15 second clip of presenting in GMTV style. I'd like to say it's GMTV-tastic, so it is: politcally correct; middle of the road and boring but 'trying-to-be-funny' kind of style. Anyway, incase I don't win and you don't see me on GMTV as the next Ben Shepherd, here's my entry!


Friday, 4 April 2008

New toys to play with... OooOoOo!

Well, it seems that I am truly launching myself into the technological world! Considering I am wanting to do this whole 'radio' thing, I decided that it was about time I got myself even the cheapest recording equipment to play around with in the comfort of my own room before being allowed to grace the public airwaves with my skills.

To be honest, rather than improving my skills, my main thinking has been "lets by a microphone and a camera so I can record funny/stupid/pointless videos to show my friends, and waste precious time doing". If it's good enough for Ricky Gervais to make videos and millions view them, then so can I!

I guess I just need to get a ton of fans first who will actually waste their lives watching pointless videos. I've emailed Kelly a little video already but she's in Glasgow. Do phones work in Glasgow? I doubt I can text her, I'll try, probably won't work though.

I feel guilty. I should be either a) finding a radio job; b)writing another scene for the sitcom c) eating to sustain myself d) playing Football Manager. But alas I am doing none of these. Instead I decided to make the video below. Enjoy.